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The relationship you have with your Alma Mater should not end at your graduation day. MCC has formed your personal and professional goals during your student days, and it will be a great influence as you pursue the different stages of your life.

It is our best interest that the information and services on this site will provide you with opportunities to be involved and be blessed with the college’s programs and activities. We exhort and appeal that you always support MCC’s causes and initiatives.

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Employees / Careers

Mandaue City College provides equal opportunity to serve anad teach in the local college. MCC’s goal for all it’s employees is for them to grow professionally and personally in the course of their employment, enabling them to offer their best to MCC’s stakeholders.


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1. Attendance/Absence
One hundred percent (100%) attendance is encouraged. Absence is failure to attend classes and/or schedule activities or a state of being late beyond 15 minutes schedule.
1.1 For any absence, an excuse letter is to be presented to the Dean through the adviser and to kept on file by the latter.

1.2 An absence may be considered excused if it is properly document for the following reason:
1.2.1 Illness
1.2.2 Natural Disaster
1.2.3 Accident
1.2.4 Death of either parent/brother/sister/husband, wife or child (for 3 days only)

1.3 If absence is due to any of the above condition, the excuse letter should be accompanied with a medical certificate from the attending physician or certified by proper authorities.
1.4 A student who incurs ten (10) consecutive absences for each semester without valid reason shall be considered “Dropped”.

2. Tardiness
Tardiness is the state of being late for one (1) or more minutes but not exceeding fifteen (15) minutes.
2.1 For the first 15 minutes, a student will be accepted to the class. Warning will be given by the instructor concerned. For subsequent tardiness, the student is required to submit an excuse letter duly signed by the instructor, adviser, and the Dean the following day.
2.2 A student who is late by 15 or more minutes of the schedule time, is considered absent. He is required to submit an excuse letter duly Signed by the instructor, adviser, and the Dean.
2.3 Habitual tardiness is the state of being late for 3 or more times. The student will be ask to present an excuse letter duly signed by their instructor, adviser, and Dean. The Committee on discipline shall meet to assess the situation and make to its recommendation.

The complete prescribed uniform with the ID shall be worn at all whether in the classroom, inside the college campus or outside the College when student represent the College in official activities such as parades, community and other curricular activities.
1. Campus Uniform (to be worn on Weekdays)
2. PE and NSTP Uniform. Male and Female student shall wear the approved PE uniform during PE classes and sports fest. The approved NSTP uniform shall be worn during NSTP classes and community activities.
3. Exemption from Wearing of Uniform. Student who are permitted to have exemption are those student who working outside the College. They shall present a certificate of employment and 3 copies of colored ID picture. The exemption card is renewed yearly. The exemption card and College ID shall be worn at all times inside the school campus.
4. All faculty member are required to enforce the rules and regulation regarding the wearing of the uniform and ID, of exemption card and inside and outside the classroom.

1. Student shall always keep the College campus clean by refraining from spitting, littering, damaging properties, defacing walls, etc.
2. Student shall at all-time exercise care and diligence in the use of library books, laboratories, computers and accessories, kitchen utensils, etc.
3. Student shall always observe silence and cleanliness when passing through corridors and hallways.
4. Student shall observe at all times silence & proper behavior, in the library. Handle all books and library materials with care. Stealing, and mutilating books, magazines, newspapers and other library material are strictly prohibited.

The Mandaue City College is a community of learners. We are here to learn. To able to learn effectively, however there are a number of rules of behavior we have to observe. Here are some of them:
1. Speak English all the times.
2. Regular attendance in classes is a must for every student. In special cases, however, some student may be excused from attending classes if they are doing research, library work and other learning related activities approved by the College Administrator.
3. Punctuality is desired of every student. Habitual tardiness is a sign of poor scholastic attitude.
4. Always wear the prescribed College uniform. Decency is required for school attires. Short (for male & female) is a no, no except on special occasions such as intramurals and field trips.
5. Long hair and Earning for men do not go with good grooming.
6. While waiting for your class outside your classroom, avoid making noise as this disturbs on going classes nearby.
7. Proper behavior is expected of you wherever you are in the MCC campus. Loud talks and childish antics are intolerable actuation.
8. In passing through corridors and hallways of the Mandaue City College, always keep to the right to facilitate ease of movement.
9. Smoking, drinking and drugs are taboo anywhere in the MCC campus.
10. For those have extra time, the right place is the library. Read books and periodicals to supplement classroom learning. You will be wiser in the long run.
11. Help keep the school clean. Throw your waste material into the segregate trash cans, and keep your spittle to yourself or use the toilet bowl for it.
12. If you feel like hugging your BF or GF, don’t Romantic indiscretion does not go well among a community of learners.
13. Always fall in line while waiting for run turn. Educated people never disregard the “first come first served” rule.
14. If you have valid complaints, discuss them with the College Administrator, instead of airing these to fellow student. That way you get result.
15. Turn off mobile phones or put them in silent mode as classes are going on.
16. Meetings/gathering inside and outside the campus would require the permission of the student Affairs officer and approval of the College Administrator.
17. Student must show due respect to Mandaue City and College officials, instructor, personnel, fellow students and visitors.

1. Acts Punishable by expulsion
1.1 Forging school record or knowingly availing of false record.
1.2 Selling or possession of prohibited drugs
1.3 Instigating alleged strikes or similar concerted activities resulting in stopping of classes.
1.4 Plagiarism
1.5 Selling examination papers
1.6 Committing immoral acts of lasciviousness, direct or indirect.
1.7 Stealing or causing damage to MCC property
1.8 Endangering the life and limbs of any administrator, instructor, personnel, and student within the College premises and in any other place where school activities are held.
1.9 Committing any act punishable by Philippine penal laws.

1.10 Gross disloyalty to Mandaue City College, such as:
a. Denunciation of the College in any form
b. Subverting the policies of the school administration
c. Publicly or revealing classified information about the College.

2. Acts Punishable by Suspension, Dishonorable Dismissal or Exclusion from MCC
2.1 Acts inimical to the interest of majority of the student in MCC
2.2 Habitual drunkenness (intoxication 3 or more times)
2.3 Gross dishonesty or insubordination to person on.
2.4 Fighting or brawling or assaulting a student within the school premises.
2.5 Repeated failures on a subject.
2.6 Carrying a deadly weapon within the school premises without a written authority from the school authority except if one is a same.
2.7 Dishonesty such as cheating and misrepresentation and abetting the commission of the same.
2.8 Conviction by final judgment of any crime involving moral turpitude.
2.9 Disturbing or disrupting classes as a mean of redress of alleged grievances.
2.10 Vandalism of any form
2.11 Violating policies and rules and regulation of the College.

3. Penalty for minor offences or infraction include fine or extra work but never corporal punishment or grade reduction.

1. Investigation and Hearing
1.1 Investigation is conducted whenever an error, offense, or misdemeanor is committed by a student and said error, offense or misdemeanor is reported by a faculty member/staff or is brought to the attention through a letter of complaint duly signed by a complainant, to the Disciplinary Committee.
1.2 Within five 5) school days from receipt of such report or complaint, the committee shall notify the respondent-student in writing stating therein the date and place where investigation will be conducted. The said notice shall also contain and advise to the respondent that he may be assisted by counsel if he desires during the investigation.
1.3 During the investigation, the respondent shall have the right to conduct and / or cross –exam the compliant and witnesses against him and to present evidence on his own behalf. Other witnesses maybe called upon to shed more light on the matter under investigation.
1.4 The investigation shall be finished within ten (10) school days from the date of initial hearing. Postponement shall be not allowed, except on meritorious grounds. Any delay in the early resolution of the case through the postponement made by the respondent or his counsel which will affect respondent’s performance in any of his / her subjects which disqualifies him / her from participating from graduation shall be borne by the respondent himself / herself.

2. Acts Punishable by Suspension, Dishonorable Dismissal or Exclusion from MCC
Within ten (10) school days from the date of the investigation’s formal closure, the respondent shall be informed of the decision of the committee and sanction or penalty to be imposed if the respondent shall be found guilty or deserving the same.

3. Waiver of Further Investigation
3.1 The respondent upon admission of his / her guilt may waive in further formal investigation.
3.2 Within three (3) school days from such admission, the committee shall inform the respondent of the decision stating therein the penalty imposed.

4. Appeal
In case the respondent disagrees with the decision, he / she may appeal the same to the College Administrator or the Board of Trustees, within 5 days from the receipt thereof, otherwise, the decision holds and becomes final and executory.