Enrollment Policies

1. Every prospective student must enroll during the prescribed registration period. Detailed information on enrollment procedures are found in the enrollment form and posted on the bulletin board during enrollment period.

2. Consultation with the Dean/Adviser/Registrar Regarding requirements and subject assignment is a must.

3. No enrollment is possible without the necessary credentials.

4. Enrollment by proxy is not allowed, unless authorized by the Dean or the College Administrator.

A student may enroll simultaneously in MCC and in another school subject to the approval of the Registrar. Violation of this rule may cancel the student’s right to credit for work done in either school or both.

1. Permission fro cross – enrollment is issued by the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Dean concerned and only if the applicant is a candidate for graduation during the year and the course is not offered during the academic year in the college, or is in conflict with the other subject.

2. The maximum number of units for which cross – enrollment.

A student in MCC may enroll in any government recognized school, college or university during the summer session only upon the prior recommendation of the Dean and with written permit from the Registrar. A permit to study will be granted if the subject to be the taken is not offered in MCC.

A student who desires to transfer to another school should apply for issuance of a Certificate of Transfer Credential. Said certificate will be issued only after the applicant has been cleared of all financial and property liabilities and has surrendered his / her ID card.

1. A student may officially withdrawal any of his / her courses even after the close of the enrollment period with the consent of his / her parents or guardians upon the approval of the Dean using the prescribed form and process. Withdrawal will no longer be allowed after the Preliminary Examination. The students shall also file a clearance slip and confer with the Dean before leaving.

2. A student who drops a subject / subjects without formal notification to College authorities after the Midterm Examination shall automatically get a grade of 5.0 or failure at the end of the semester.

3. A student will be dropped from the school register during the semester if he incurs absences totaling 20% or the class periods in a semester without proper notifications to College authorities.

Payment for tuition and other fees may be done in full at the time of enrollment or by installment.

Full Payment
MCC accepts full payment for tuition and other school fees during enrollment, without prejudice to the need to pay for additional assessment that may have to be applied during the term entitled by the student I view of whatever rate increases the MCC Board of Trustees may approve.

Payment by Installment
Down payment shall be made according to the amount fixed by the College at the time if enrollment. The balance may be paid on a monthly basis provided, however, that the required amount is paid before any scheduled major examination (Preliminary, Midterm, Semi-Final and Final Examination).

Payment in case of Withdrawal
Within the first week of classes – 10% of the total tuition required during the term
Within the second week of classes – 20% of the total tuition during the term
After the third week of classes – 30% of the total tuition during the term
After the fourth week of classes – 40% of the total tuition during the term

A refund of the tuition amount paid (less processing charges) shall be made if a student withdrew during the registration period before the start of classes. The admission and miscellaneous fees, however, are non – refundable.

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